The TGrep2 Database Tools (TDT) are a set of perl scripts we use to convert TGrep2 output into tab separated databases that are suited for data analysis.

For help with TGrep2, please see Doug Rohde's TGrep2 Manual. For tutorial-style introductions to TGrep2, try these: and

TDT and TDTlite are still under development. You can download the current version of TDTlite (11/16/2011) here: TDTlite.tgz

You can download a pdf of the current TDT manual including installation instructions (03/29/2011) here: tdt_manual.pdf

A preliminary TDTlite tutorial (07/14/2010) can be downloaded here: tdt_tutorial.0.pdf

For the Penn Treebank Bracketing Conventions:

For the Switchboard-specific bracketing conventions: swbd_bracketing.pdf

Follow this link to documentation for the old TDT tools

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