To Do List: BCS 152






  1. [X] Go through and fix all the BCSGlossary pages to the Glossary.html. 11.29.2015
  2. [X] Fix the font for when a list is used 02.17.2016 Andrew fixed this
  3. [X] I would really like to see the CURRENT page highlighted in the top menu. I.e. the main menu point should be highlighted in shading (that's already the case) AND if one clicks it, one should see the submenu point highlighted.[

[12.03.2015 ON note: Got it working, need to adjust colors before can distribute through tutorial] [12.14.2015 ON note: Done, but got rid of the colors in the nav bar. I actually like the way this looks better.]

  1. [] More generally, pop-up/glossary entries that cover topics that come up elsewhere in the tutorial should link to those pages, using the same type of sentence "See also ....". (ON note to self: For reference see comment in index.html)
  2. [X] Can we make a new link class (bold yellow or bold blue) for tutorial-internal links? (this might mean that we want to change the color for external links and references). for example, on the sentence region page, there's such a link "how to define sentence regions for CrowdExp-SPR". See also my suggestion to link pop-up/glossary entries to the relevant pages (which would be tutorial-internal links, too). [12.13.2015]

  3. [X] Find all the internal links and add internal link class. 01.13.2016 ON. not many but updated the ones I saw
  4. [X] some page's url's are still non-descriptive. e.g., "Types.html" should be "DesignTypes.html". Be sure to adjust all links, including but not limited to navigation and menus.

  5. [X] Can you create anchors before each h2 heading, so that one can directly refer to it? It might be nice to have links to these h2 headings show up somewhere at the top of the page. Let's talk about it. 01.12.2016 ON
  6. [] change the highlight to be a different color outside of blue. Maybe Grey.
  7. [X] remove the topic references ON 12.29.2016
  8. [X] make the same color of the h1 and the topic references within a page. 12.29.2016
  9. [X] make external links bold grey and make them more visible ON 12.29.2016


  1. [x] On index.html and everywhere self-paced reading is linked to a popup (incl. the glossary entry for SPR), the explanation should link to the SPR procedure page with something like "Here's a demonstration of self-paced reading." [ON 11.23.15: The pop up text does not link to anything. Only the link links to something. ]
  2. [x] Fix the links to be unlinkable
  3. [x] get rid of the internal link explanation


  1. [X] Change to Start.html. 11.29.2015


  1. [X] Design: Quiz #3 – answer/bubble alignment is off Between Subjects Design – (e.g. …) 12.03.2015





  1. [X] The tests don't seem to work for me. When i press check, nothing happens (on the SPR design page). there are issues with the content, too: several questions don't contain any correct answered. [ON 11.23.2015: Quiz works. Answer correct?]


  1. [] work with Andrew to make new applets to reflect the table



  1. [x] Similarly, the pop-up/glossary for sentence region should contain to links. "See also link: more information on sentence regions. Learn link:how to format your sentence regions for CrowdExp-SPR." with links to the SPRRegion and SPRFormat page, respectively. [ON 11.23.15: the pop up text does not link to anything, only the link links to something]

  2. [X] Type that needs to be fixed. To sentence regions 12.03.2015
  3. [X] Remove the Region page link. 11.29.2015



  1. [X] On the Filler page: the flow chart of the filler trials is broken. (ON 11.16.2015- Temp solution. Will figure out something better, maybe another table?)
  2. [] Fillers: Text appears to the right of image. “Okay List” should be on the next line. “Fillers are often just considered…” should also be on the next line “otherwise make it to obvious” – “to” should be “too” Is the Fillers quiz the broken one? (ON: Go back to this. Filler page needs a lot of work)


  1. [X] Self-Paced Reading Fillers Quiz is the same as Fillers 12.03.2015
  2. [X] Change to SPRGoodFillers 12.03.2015




  1. [X] On the SPR Latin square design page: the example in the table are linked wrongly to the conditions (e.g., for item 1, the high vs. low predictability conditions are switched, as far as I can see; item 2, however does not have the same mistake). Please check this carefully for each item.
  2. [X] Also Item 2 doesn't work (cf. our earlier conversation). [Changed this a while back]
  3. [X] Change to SPRCriticalItems.html 12.03.2015 (ON note: I think this was for SPRItem not SPRLists)


  1. [X] Have the region link within the the format page to link to the region section
  2. [...] SPRComprehension.html is linked, yet does not exist. Why? ON
  3. [x] I saw the {apple}@TARGET {on the}SPILLOVER table and rows below it on the format page. the @ before SPILLOVER is missing. ON 05.31.2016



  1. [x] Self Paced Reading Analysis: Example Walkthrough’s Exclusions paragraph is a repeat of information of paragraph under "Example Report" Should Example Walkthrough and Example Report be swapped? Example Report should be above, Example Walkthrough below? “(see this wiki page for more info about this)” – maybe a link here? ON not applicable
  2. [x] Under Self Paced Reading Analysis, it mentioned eliminating data more than 3 standard deviations away; on this page, it mentions eliminating data more than 2.5 standard deviations away. ON not applicable
  3. [X] Rename to SPRAnalysisOverview.html 12.15.2015
  4. [X] Only keep the first paragraph of this section 12.15.2015







  1. [X] Rename to SPRAnalysisResults.html ON 01.11.2016
  2. [X] Take the overview page and take the visual material and move it here ON 01.11.2016
  3. [X]changefirst <h2> to Visual Analysis and Results [??] ON 01.11.2016


  1. [X] Change to VisualReport.html


  1. [X] Change to SPRVisualReport.html


  1. [] Interpretation: Exclusion appears on the Self Paced Reading Analysis page, the Interpretation page, and has its own page within Analysis as well. Just checking to make sure that this was intentional

==== SPRInterpretation.html ====

  1. [X] have the green button link to the feedback page ON 02.29.2016


  1. [X] I sent you an email about an About-page. Can you post those points here (or implement them)? I think I sent it about 2-3 weeks ago. [ON note to self: find the points to fix up page]
  2. [X] Split up into sections ; Design, technical implementation, graphics, content (contributors etc), proof reading
  3. [X] Google form. Have a drop down menu that you can pick a specific problem of something that was wrong 01.12.2016 ON Google form added.
  4. [X] Funding to be clear. Link to the Rochester discover grant/ clarify that I wrote it. E-mail and see if they have something that they can add. Is there anything like the UR logo as a visual indicator. 11.29.2015 Emailed Discover grant people 01.12.2016 ON Answered before hand and were fine with what we wrote. Did not say anything else they would like for us to add.

  5. [] Have pictures of the people who contributed
  6. [X] Make one of the questions obligatory and to have it say thank you after the person has filled it out ON 02.29.2016
  7. [X] either create a new feedback page or at the top add a link or create a ON 02.29.2016
  8. [X] create a drop down menu under home to be about and feedback ON 02.29.2016
  9. []one though (Hi Olga ;)), I had: let's add a "how to cite this tutorial" to the about page. I've been asked about it. We should say sth like "If you find this tutorial helpful, we would very much appreciate if you cite it, spreading the word:". Look up the APA format for electronic resources. You should be first authors. Others who have helped a lot (Esteban, Linda, others?) should be alphabetical, with me last.




BCS152 glossary

  1. Reliable Results - participants.html
  2. inclusion-criteria - participants.html
  3. power simulations - participants.html (how is this different than power analysis)
  4. expectation-based - sprdesign.html
  5. comprehenders - sprdesign.html
  6. interact - sprdesign.html
  7. latin square design - sprprocedure.html
  8. balance - sprgooditems.html
  9. plausible confounds - sprgooditems.html
  10. sentences - sprgooditems.html
  11. transitive - sprgooditems.html
  12. answer accuracy - sprcomprehension.html
  13. latin square design - sprlists.html
  14. crowdEx - sprlists.html
  15. sentence regions - sprformat.html
  16. experimental lists - filler.html
  17. Create a layer to have the Glossary expands out/ that that layer would expand out into an 80/20 window
  18. have a hidden column that would appear when you click onto the link to the definition. animation

1. Confusing what the link to SPRRegions is doing within SPRRegions

  1. [x] A few things to be added to the glossary (can you ask folks in the lab?):
    • subcategorization
    • subcategorization frequency (some times also called subcategorization bias)

(ON 11.16.2015 - sent an e-mail to Linda about glossary)


2. A few notes for the script that validates the stimulus files students can upload. Haven't tested it yet, but perhaps this can serve as a checklist. in validating stimuli files, we should consider the following. You might already be doing a lot of this:

This still needs to be done.[ON 11/23/15 Is this for Andrew?]




My notes that have been living on one of the Sticky Notes

add the js pages for the new quizzes hover menu eventually

dsiadd shiny code to the analysis section Have the boxes fixed on the page web applet gif under the SPR procedure

*make a filler figure that looks like the 2x2 figure but only with one item (Ask Florian exactly how this should be done)

*create a table that now has the fillers in it

*move the items to be the SPR items and lists. make the general more general have the glossary be interlinked

*have a specific example to and then give the general after?

*page to explain the format for the SPR items and lists and then have it go the applet thing

*Fix the <ul> so it doesn't change the font

*ask esteban for the list of the things of the mistakes that people did.(asked) Give as examples as things not to do

in the future- have students in the class take the experiment that the students created for the extra assignment

*Have explanation for both right and wrong answers

Filler quiz needs answers and to create a js sheet to it

**make document to get terminology

**future disperse the questions

Example Walkthrough’s Exclusions paragraph is a repeat of information of paragraph under "Example Report"

Comments from Lauren Oey when she proof read

  1. “One explanation for this effect would be that the smaller space of hypothetical upcoming words in the restrictive condition .” – incomplete sentence

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