ExBuilder is in-house experiment design software written by Edward Longhurst ( for the Tanenhaus and Aslin Labs. This page is for collecting resources to help use it.

Installing ExBuilder

ExBuilder was built and tested on PCs with at least a Pentium 4 processor, running Windows XP (32-bit). It should run on Vista and as a virtual machine (via Parallels) on newer Macs, but extensive testing has not been done on either platform. At least 2GB of RAM is recommended and installation of a higher end graphics card is highly recommended (especially if you will be using the installation machine to run experiments). Files and instructions for installation are available below for members of the lab and colleagues:

ExBuilder Installation Files and Instructions

ExBuilder plugin for Notepad++

ExBuilder bugs

Known bugs in ExBuilder

Installing ExBuilder Analysis Software

ExBuilder Analysis Software Installation Files and Instructions

ExBuilder Analysis Tool Instructions

Natalie Klein wrote up a very nice explanation of how to use the ExBuilder Anaylsis software available on many of the lab computers: Natalie's ExBuilder Analysis Tool Instructions. If you want to add additional comments, suggestions, or hints, please feel free.

ExBuilder and Virtualization

ExBuilder may or may not work with various virtualization programs (Parallels, VMWare, VirtualBox). The page below is to document successes and failures with each one:
ExBuilder and Virtualization

C# Classes

ExBuilder is written in C#, although most of the time experiments are written in the ExScript scripting language that Edward created. It should also be possible to write experiments in C# (or any other language with access to the .NET CLR). In fact, with the command exc /WriteCSCode scriptname.exs you can make the ExScript compiler emit C# code.
ExBuilder Class Hierarchy

Tutorial: Getting from an ExBuilder eye-tracking experiment to analyzable data

A tutorial on how to get from an ExBuilder eye-tracking experiment to a dataset ready for analysis in R (or Excel/SPSS if you are into pain) via the ExAnalysis software is currently under construction here.

How to make your ExBuilder experiment output screenshots

ExBuilder Screenshots

How to make an ExAnalysis database ready for analysis in R

ExAnalysis to R

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