How to make your ExBuilder experiment output screenshots

Add the following lines of code to the relevant Scene part.

Replace "outputfolder" with the name of the folder where you want your screenshots to be saved.

Replace "edffilename" with the name of the EDF file that your experiment creates (minus the ".EDF" part).

Make sure that the value of .SSFileNumber corresponds to the current trial number. (Here, it is assumed that "trialid" is an integer whose value is increased by one on every trial.)

.SSFolder = "outputfolder"
.SSFilename = "edffilename"
.SSFileNumber = trialid.Value

Add the following code, which will take a screenshot, so that the actions are triggered at the time you want to output a screenshot. Note that the delays are just to ensure that the screen is redrawn prior to taking the screenshot.


This will produce a screenshot (e.g., if your subject is called "OscarWilde", OscarWilde.1.pgn, OscarWilde.2.pgn, etc) for every trial of your experiment in the specified output folder.

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