This page lists several example ExBuilder experiments. Each experiment has been annotated by the person who wrote the code.

In order to work with an experiment, do the following:

  1. Download and unpack the ZIP archive associated with the experiment.
  2. Put the experiment files (and associated subdirectories) on a PC running ExBuilder.

  3. Double-click the file with the extension ".exs" (this is the experiment code). This will compile the experiment.
  4. To run the experiment, double-click the executable file (.exe) that was created when compiling the experiment code.
  5. If you want to have a look at the experiment code, open the ".exs" file using a text editor.

When you run the experiment for the first time, Windows may display a Windows Security Alert asking "Do you want to keep blocking this program?". If so, select "Unblock".

Example experiments

ExampleExperimentsFourPictureExperiment 1. Four-picture spoken-word recognition experiment

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