Ongoing projects in the HLP Lab

Below you'll find an incomplete, but relatively up to date list of ongoing projects in the HLP lab. Some projects are at least partially accessible to the public, but many project pages are only accessible to HLP lab members because they contain either copyrighted or otherwise sensitive information (we use these pages as a lab log book). Nevertheless we hope that the list of topics below gives you and idea of what's going on in the lab. Thanks for your understanding.

Feedback is, of course, welcome! Also, let us know if you're interested to join a project or to visit the lab.

I've also compiled a list of some good ideas that I think would make nice experiments (internal).

1. Language Production

2. Language Comprehension

3. Adaptation, Priming, and Learning

4. Cue combination in probability estimation

5. Language acquisition

6. Methodological studies

Projects in preparation

Collaborations with undergraduates

Suggested projects

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