Lattice is a relatively low level package for plotting in R. It is very powerful, but often requires a lot of tweaking to get the results just right. Many recent packages ([wiki:HlpLab/R/MCMCPackage MCMCPackage], [wiki:HlpLab/R/MCMCPackPackage MCMCPackPackage], [wiki:HlpLab/R/LME4Package LME4Package], [wiki:HlpLab/R/DesignPackage DesignPackage], etc.) build their graphics on top of Lattice.

You want to use Lattice if:

The best resources for the Lattice package are the manual (, a recent book by the author of the package ( See AustinFrank if you want to borrow a copy), and the book's website ( -- AustinFrank DateTime(2008-04-30T15:34:10Z)

Local pages that have to do with Lattice:


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