Using Duo with your Office365 account

The university is going to start requiring the use of Duo two-factor authentication when logging into Office365 via the OWA webmail interface. Specifically, Duo will be required when trying to log in from non-UR networks (including the guest wifi networks here on campus). The tentative date for this to begin is December 19th, 2018. This FAQ explains what Duo is and why you need to create an account for it.

FAQ regarding Duo/O365

Q: I'm not familiar with Duo. What is it?

A: Duo is an authentication mechanism designed to provide a second layer of protection for various login accounts. Upon attempting to log into a UR system protected with Duo, the Duo system will contact you via a secondary means of communication (usually via phone or via a smartphone) to verify that you're actually the one trying to log into the system.

Q: How does Duo contact me to verify my login?

A: You have the choice of either receiving an automated phone call to a smartphone or a landline, a text message sent to your smartphone, or have a push notification appear on your smartphone. Alternatively there's also a Duo app for both iPhones and Android devices you can use with your UR Duo account(s)...the app produces a time-sensitive 6-character code that you enter into the OWA login screen to confirm your login. If using a phone or smartphone with Duo isn't an option, you can purchase a Yubikey USB device at either UR Tech Store that can act as your second means of authentication.

Using the Duo app is, in my opinion, the easiest way to authenticate via Duo.

Q: Why is the university adding Duo authentication to O365?

A: It's an additional layer of security to protect O365 accounts from being compromised...and it really does work.

Q: Do I have to sign up for a Duo account?

A: Short answer, YES. Even if you normally use a mail client on your computer or smartphone to check e-mail, you will sometimes need to log into the OWA webmail interface to do things (particularly to set up automatic replies when you go on vacation). For that reason you'll want to sign up for the needed Duo account, just in case you ever need it.

Q: I already have a Duo account for accessing other things on campus (HRMS, VPN, URMC, etc.) Can I use that account with O365?

A: NO. If you currently have a Duo account that you use with HRMS, VPN connections, etc., that account will *not* work with O365. Pre-existing Duo accounts are associated with your NetID credentials, but O365 doesn't use requires a Duo account associated with your River Campus Active Directory (AD) credentials. River Campus employees actually have two sets of login credentials but are often unaware of the fact (because NetID and RC AD accounts typically use the same username/password). NetID and AD are actually two separate authentication mechanisms used here on River Campus and each requires its own Duo account.

If you happen to have a URMC Duo account, that won't work either since such accounts are based on your URMC AD credentials. RC AD credentials are different.

Q: How do I sign up for this "AD Duo account"?

A: To create the needed Duo account for OWA, please visit this website and click on the "University Duo using Active Directory" button to enroll:

Please note: you need to be connected to the UR network to enroll in Duo

Q: I use a mail program on my computer (like Thunderbird or Apple Mail) or an app on my smartphone (like Mail on an iPhone or K-9 Mail on an Android) to check my e-mail. Will I need to use Duo with it?

A: NO. The *only* time you will need to use Duo authentication with your O365 account is if you are on a non-UR network (which includes the guest wifi networks here on campus) and are trying to log into your O365 account via the OWA webmail interface. You will *not* be asked for Duo credentials if you are using a mail program (like Thunderbird or Apple Mail) on your smartphone or computer.

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