BCS & CVS Events Calendars

The online BCS & CVS event calendars can be found here:




(two names for the same server).

E-mail notices

E-mail notices are automatically sent out by the calendar server upon event creation, modification, and deletion. Event reminder e-mails are sent out at two predetermined intervals before the event takes place, usually 1 and 3 days before.

If you wish to be added to, or removed from, the e-mail notification system, please send an e-mail to postmaster@bemis.bcs.rochester.edu with your request. It will be processed promptly.

RSS subscriptions

The calendars offer an RSS feed, so you can add them to your web browser and have event info appear there. An RSS icon appears in the top left corner of each calendar...when you click on it, your web browser should give you the option of adding the feed to your bookmarks. If it doesn't, here are the direct links:

BCS calendar - feed://calendar.bcs.rochester.edu/rssxmllink?calendar=bcs_events

CVS calendar - feed://calendar.cvs.rochester.edu/rssxmllink?calendar=cvs_events

Subscribing via other calendars

You can subscribe to the event calendar(s) from within Apple iCal and have the events automatically download into your Apple calendar. To do so, go to the menu bar within Apple iCal and click on "Calendar", then "Subscribe", and enter the desired URL(s):

BCS calendar - http://calendar.bcs.rochester.edu/icalsubscribe/bcs_events

CVS calendar - http://calendar.cvs.rochester.edu/icalsubscribe/cvs_events

The calendar(s) should then appear in the window on the left, and the events in the calendar itself.

You can also subscribe via Google Calendar. However, Google does not correctly identify the time zone that we are in, so the times will not appear correctly if you use the above link. To subscribe via Google Calendar, use this link instead:

BCS/CVS calendar for Google Calendar - http://calendar.bcs.rochester.edu/icalsubscribe/bcs_events_gc

You go to "add other calendar" and select "by URL" and then paste the URL listed above.

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