To install the Retrospect client under Ubuntu/Debian Linux (and its derivatives):

1. Download the client installer from here: (note that this is only for 64-bit versions of Linux...if you need the 32-bit install, let me know)

2. Double-click on the installer to launch the decompression app on your computer and extract the files to a convenient location.

3. Open a terminal session and type "sudo -s" (without the quotation marks), then your login password, to switch to superuser mode.

4. Navigate to the folder where you decompressed the installer and type "./" (without the quotation marks) to run the installer.

5. During the installation process, you'll be asked to enter a "first access" password for the client. This is the password our Retrospect server will use to access the client on your computer. Please use the password "chris" (without the quotation marks) for now. Once I add your computer to the server, the password will be changed.

6. The client installer will add the client as a daemon to your computer and may ask if you want your "rc.local" file modified so it automatically launches at boot. Agree to this.

7. Once the installation finishes, you need to allow Retrospect traffic through the network firewall on your computer. Every Linux distribution is different, but there should be a control panel for modifying your network it. You need to add a rule to ALLOW traffic IN to your computer over port 497 (both UDP and TCP).

Once done, please let me (Chris) know and I'll try adding your computer to the Retrospect backup server.

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