Installed Software

We try to have uniformity in the software installed on the computers in the lab. This page contains a list of software installed on them other than the factory default software.

1. Common

This is software that is installed on all of the computers.

2. iMacs

The iMacs in the lab have the same software as much as possible.

3. Platypus

Platypus is a 20" iMac running MacOS 10.6

4. Echidna

Echidna is a 24" iMac running MacOS 10.6

5. Schleppi

15" MacBook Pro

6. Carry

15" MacBook Pro

7. Llevarito

15" MacBook Pro

8. hlplaptop4

15" MacBook Pro

9. Common on PCs

This is software that all the PCs have.

10. Tracker

Tracker is a Dell Dimension E521 dual booting Windows Vista Business and Windows XP. It has some software specific to it that has been installed as needed.

10.1. Vista

10.2. XP

11. Poser

Poser is a Dell Precision 390 running Windows Vista Ultimate. Most of the software specific to it is related to image editing.

12. Wallaby

Wallaby is a Dell Precision T1500 running Windows 7 Professional.

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