Mailing Lists

We have three different mailing lists that can be used to contact multiple members of the lab.

To sign up for the HLP Lab Meeting Google Group, go to the subscribe page and request membership. (You may need to be already signed into Google Groups for that link to work.) Sign up using your GMail if you have one. You should also consider going to your Google account page and adding your BCS email as a known address for you. That way you can have the lab meeting emails sent to that address, but by registering with a GMail address and thus having a Groups account, you can manage your delivery preferences.
For the BCS mailing lists, email <awatts AT SPAMFREE bcs DOT rochester DOT edu> (HLP Lab manager) and he'll request to Chris Freemesser (department IT guy) that you be added. The request to Chris must come from an authorized person. Don't email him directly. The email address needs to be at minimum a .edu address, preferred. GMail, etc. will not be added to BCS email lists.

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