Guidelines for correcting Mendeley entries

  1. start by syncing the library; wait until it is synced before you start working
  2. click on "Needs review" in the list of folders in the Library navigation bar on the left
  3. start at the top, work your way down
  4. open the manuscript (e.g. by double clicking the entry in the center of the screen). many documents contain information about the full citation on their front page (e.g. in a footnote or as a note added at the top of the paper, or in the header or footer on following pages).
    1. if this provides all the information you need, check and correct
      1. the type of article (journal, conference proceedings etc.).
        1. conference proceeding paper should be "conference proceedings"
        2. chapters in books that are not conference proceedings should be type "Book Section"
      2. title
      3. authors (make sure to use the full names as used in other articles by the same author; e.g. if it says "Bock, Kathryn J." in one article for Kay Bock, it should say it for all).
      4. journal, book
      5. volume and issue (for journal articles and some books)
      6. pages
      7. editors and book title (for book sections, book, conference proceedings)
    2. you might need to get the information via Google Scholar:
      1. go to Google Scholar

      2. enter the title and last name of authors and year to find the right article.
      3. make sure it's the right article (e.g. by checking the doc linked on the web) - many authors publish many papers with similar names
    3. you can also use the "search by title" function in Mendeley, but be cautious: many mendeley entries are wrong!
  5. after correcting entries and once your confident things are correct, mark the article entry as "Details are correct";
    1. be sure to check whether this is a final version or a draft, proofs, or alike. article for which you are sure the information is correct, but they are drafts, proofs, etc. should be moved into the "Drafts and unpublished ..." folder after having been corrected. Also be sure to check the box at the bottom of the entry to not sync these to the Mendeley database.
    2. if none of 4.1-4.3 provides the required information, move the paper into the "Can't find citation folder".
  6. end by syncing the library; wait until it is synced before closing the program (you can sync while you're working, if you want to avoid long waiting times at the end)
  7. log out

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