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1. Animations from Syntactic Load

in /p/hlp/experiments/SyntacticLoad BR Description: BR These animations elicit sentences like: "Simon threw a spotted ball to the man with black hair." BR All video clips have one common character, named Simon. He stands in the middle when there are 2 other characters in the scene (recipient contrast) and on the left or right when there is only one other character. Simon does ditransitive actions such as: BR

Simon also does transitive actions such as:

These can be found under the "fillers" folder on the server. BR The animations come in sets of 4. All of the animations in a set involve the same characters and objects. The conditions are set up as follows: BR

Contrast on the recipients

Contrast on the Objects













Feel free to look these animations over for reuse.

2. Syntactic Load Listener Pictures

in /p/hlp/experiments/SyntacticLoad/Listener_PictureStimuli BR These accompany the Syntactic Load videos. Each video clip has a set of four pictures. The pictures are labeled with "videoname_condition". The conditions go as follows:


Change from original video


A picture taken from the actual video


wrong object


wrong recipient (in experimental condition), wrong verb (in filler condition)


random video (no similarities)

3. Syntactic Priming Pictures (D. Race)

in /p/hlp/experiments/SyntacticPriming_DRace BR 45 sets of pictures. Each set of pictures has 4 primes and 4 targets. These pictures involve two characters performing transitive actions upon one another. There is a mix of inanimate objects and animals as well. For a complete list of pictures see the excel file inside labeled "Guide to David's Project.xls" or reference the attachment at the end of the page.

4. Relative Clause Pictures (F. Jaeger)

in /p/hlp/experiments/RelativeClauseProduction

24 sets of fillers. 2 pictures per set. Each set of fillers is similar but differs in either verb, agent, patient, or a combination of these factors. BR 24 sets of experimental pictures with 3 pictures each. Target and SAAb have the same verb but the participants switch roles. SAAc involves a different verb. See the attachment at the end of this page for more details.

5. Concreteness Descriptions

in /p/hlp/experiments/ConcretenessDescriptions BR

The stimuli go as follows:

16 real photos of man-man pairs

8 poser-generated pictures of man-man pairs

9 drawings of man-man pairs

16 real photos of woman-woman pairs

8 poser-generated pictures of woman-woman pairs

9 drawings of woman-woman pairs

Each photo has a full body shot and a head shot which comes directly from the full body shot.

Files not yet on the CS server

Current Projects: Mayan Giveness, Saliency, and Definiteness word order experiments BR Susan's bouncing ball experiment BR Any and all audio files for experiments

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