Version Control

Version Control Systems (also called Source Control Management (SCM) or Revision Control Systems (RCS)) are a type of software for keeping track of changes to files and merging changes from multiple users (usually developers) into a common tree. There are a number of different VCSs out there. Here we will focus on commonly used open source ones.

1. Historically relevant (and probably installed)

The Developer Tools package (available on the install discs or from ADC) for MacOS X 10.4 installs CVS, and 10.5 also installs SVN. Third party packages also exist for SVN for earlier versions of MacOS X. Windows machines should have TortiseCVS and TortiseSVN installed. These programs integrate CVS and SVN into Windows Explorer.

All of these are distributed VCSs, which means that each user has a full tree including revision history; there is no privileged central tree (unless you want there to be).

3. Worth noting

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