Welcome to the HLP/Jaeger lab main page. For more information on the lab, make sure to also visit our public website.

What's going on in the lab?

Classes and Tutorials

Pages linked under this category should be publicly accessible.

Guidelines and Information for Lab Members

This section provides information about where to find what resources as well as guidelines that are meant to ensure that we will still be capable of finding things in the future. It's important that everyone follows these guidelines in order to ensure replicability of results obtained in this lab, be it corpus-based studies or experiments.

The first section provides general information and some tutorials on standard pieces of software and the computational setup. The remaining sections provide guidelines and more information on conduction corpus-based studies and experiments, respectively.

Pages linked under this heading should generally only be readable to HLP lab members.

Computer and Software Environment

Annotation Guidelines

Guidelines and Information for Corpus-based Studies

Guidelines and Information for Experiments

Spreading the Word: Grants, Publishing, and Presenting

Other How-Tos and Where-to-find-X

External resources


To Do

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